Mothers of political prisoners from July 11 protests prohibited from leaving Cuba

Marta Perdomo and Liset Fonseca

The communist Castro dictatorship is unwilling to risk allowing two mothers of political prisoners to speak to European lawmakers. This is not a sign of strength by the regime, but a sign of incredible weakness.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

‘We’re exhausted and withstanding the blows’: Mothers regulated by the regime speak out

Liset Fonseca, the mother of Roberto Perez Fonseca, and Marta Perdomo, the mother of Jorge and Nadir Martin Perdomo, were prohibited from the leaving the country this afternoon. The mothers of the three political prisoners from July 11 had been invited to visit Spain by the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH).

After checking in their luggage at the Jose Martí International Airport in Havana, they were detained at the immigration checkpoint. There, an official took their documentation and made them wait 30 minutes before telling them they would not be allowed to travel, according to Liste Fonseca’s account to CubaNet.

“All she told us was that we were regulated and that she didn’t know why,” said the mother.

The classification of “regulated” is used by the regime in an arbitrary fashion to impede freedom of movement by citizens. In addition to doctors, specialists, an other professions, the dictatorship prohibits the departure of activists and journalists as retaliation for their dissent and their work.

Alberto Ortega Fonseca, Liset’s youngest son who resides in Canada, was on a flight to Madrid with the expectation of seeing his mother for the first time in eight years. When he lands he will learn that she was never able to board her flight.

Upon arriving in Europe, both mothers were scheduled to meet with members of the parliament and were supposed to travel to the UN headquarters in Geneva. The objective of the trip was to denounce and call attention to the situation of political prisoners in Cuba.

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