Apartheid-loving Canadians and idiotic Cuban yo-yos flock to Cuba as Covid plague diminishes

Superior beings enjoying their superiority

From our Bureau of Half-Dead Apartheid Tourism with some assistance from our Bureau of Yo-Yo Treachery

The good news for Castro, Inc. is that tourists and Yo-Yos are returning to the island. The bad news for them is that the numbers are far lower than expected.

As usual, Canadians top the list of visitors. Mil gracias, Canada. Cuban Yo-Yos are not far behind, in second place. Cabrones.

So, ka-ching, ka-ching! Dollars and Euros are trickling in, and flights from the U.S. are taking off, thanks to Jar-Jar Biden. But it seems clear that the cash flow will remain slow for months to come, especially because the peak tourist season doesn’t begin until the Northern hemisphere starts getting cold. And, in addition, the Yo-Yos in the U.S. are struggling economically due to inflation and might not be able to afford super-expensive jaunts to the motherland. Oh, but they’ll be sending remittances anyway. . . ka-ching! ka-ching!

Yo-Yo Mama

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The arrival of international travelers to Cuba between January and May rose 640% in year-on-year terms, adding 564,847 visitors in those five months, the EFE agency reported based on information published this Friday by the National Office of Statistics and Information of Cuba ( ONEI).

The figure includes business travel and personal travel, not just international tourists.

According to the report, Canadians are the ones who have visited Cuba the most so far in 2022 (182,733), followed by Cubans residing abroad (121,285). In both cases, the increase compared to the same period last year was above 1,000%.

The Cuban government hopes to receive some 2.5 million visitors this year, which would mean —according to its estimates— an injection of 1,159 million dollars in foreign currency, vital for its economy.

However, as economist Pedro Monreal points out on Twitter, “there would be approximately two million pending visitors to reach the official goal.” If the monthly average of visits reached so far in 2022 (almost 113,000 visitors per month) is maintained, Cuba would only receive a little more than half of the plan (1,350,000 visitors).

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2 thoughts on “Apartheid-loving Canadians and idiotic Cuban yo-yos flock to Cuba as Covid plague diminishes”

  1. Both Canadians and the “diaspora” are beyond reach, I’m afraid, but Canadians are not being emotionally blackmailed and they have clearly better options in terms of tropical vacation spots. The fact they persist in going to Cuba is not rational and suggests clearly pathological motivation. Or maybe just hijeputez.

  2. The only thing that may decrease the amount of money the “diaspora” puts in Castro coffers is inflation or recession on the US side, but otherwise forget it, and with all the new arrivals, the amount will go up anyway. It’s really a practically perfect racket for Castro, Inc., which absolutely depends on that income.

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