Cuban dictatorship sends 74 more July 11 protesters to prison with sentences as long as 18 years

The communist Castro dictatorship is slowly and methodically sentencing peaceful protesters from the July 11 uprising to long prison sentences.

AFP reports via NDTV:

Cuban courts issued prison terms — some up to 18 years — for another 74 people involved in last summer’s unprecedented anti-government protests, officials said Wednesday.
Judicial authorities in Havana, Santiago and Matanzas announced sentences for 74 defendants accused of sedition, public disorder, and other crimes related to the protests. Two defendants were acquitted.

Of those who were sentenced, 56 got between 10 and 18 years behind bars, while the other 18 — including 12 teenagers — had their sentences commuted to “correctional labor.”

Those convicted “attacked the constitutional order and stability of our socialist state,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The only crime committed by these protesters was to peacefully demand freedom, a cardinal sin in Cuba’s socialist revolution. Yet despite the historic and current brutal oppression by the communist Castro regime, the Biden administration still sees it deserving of unilateral concessions.

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