Castro State Security threatens a Cuban mother after pleading for medicine for her children on Facebook

While leftists in America breathlessly decry the so-called “war on women” here in the U.S., the communist Castro dictatorships shows us what a real war on women looks like.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

State Security threatens a Cuban mother after she asks for medicine on Facebook

Cuban mother Midaisy Marror, who lives in the town of Aguada de Pasajeros in the province of Cienfuegos, has denounced the harassment and threats she has received from State Security after a live-stream on Facebook where she asked for antibiotics for her children.

In another live-streem, the mother explained that after asking for help in finding medicine, they have sent “messengers” to shame her. They’ve asked if “I don’t feel shame getting in front of a camera to plead, to beg . . . Look, if a Cuban does that it’s because the government is giving us no other choice,” she said.

Marrero posted some of the messages she has received on Facebook from another profile under the name Camila Vazquez : “Stop crying on social media, Midaysi. Your kids must feel so ashamed, not just over what you say but what you are. Keep doing live-streams and I’m going to post videos that Cary has of you shopping in stores. And I’m going to post videos of you at home. China has videos of that,” wrote the regime supporter from what appears to be a fake account.

The outraged mother responded: “No, what is really shameful is having to live in this country and this dictatorship, which is letting people die. I feel shame going to a pharmacy to find they have no antibiotics for my children and I have to find someone abroad to send them to me.”

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