Cuban State Security warns dissidents they’ll be ‘flattened’ if they take to the streets on July 11 protest anniversary

The communist Castro dictatorship’s State Security apparatus has made clear to Cuban dissidents the violence and brutal oppression that awaits them if they dare take to the streets on July 11 this year.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

‘If you take to the streets, we’re going to flatten you,’ State Security warns activists as July 11 gets closer

As July 11 approaches, activists and the opposition inside Cuba have been warned over the last few days that they will not be allowed on the streets. The date is the first anniversary of the mass protests that stretched across the island last summer where the people demanded freedom and other rights.

On Thursday, activist Pedro Quiala told Radio Martí he had been summoned to Villa Marista, the operations center for State Security, and interrogated about his proximity to the Hotel Saratoga after the explosion that destroyed the building.

During the interrogation, agents warned him about the upcoming July 11 anniversary. “Beginning on July 9 and after, I am not allowed to leave my house and if I do, I will be imprisoned for 10 to 15 years,” he said.

Furthermore, activist Angel Cuza Alfonso told Radio Martí that he, too, was summoned and interrogated on Thursday at Villa Marista.

“They told me I couldn’t leave my house starting on July 9, that I was not allowed to go out,” he explained.

According to Cuza, over the past few days an increase in police presence in Havana at different parts of the city can be seen.

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