Communist Cuban professor who led effort to fire colleague for political incorrectness now coming to live in U.S.

Professor Lester Amaury Martínez Quintana, communist repressor at Universidad de Oriente, now on his way to fame and fortune in the evil capitalist empire of the U.S.A

From our Bureau of Great Hiring Opportunities for American Universities and Colleges with some help from our indefatigable Captain Renault Bureau of Shocking Surprises

Diversity, inclusion, and equity hiring committees throughout the United States are probably salivating at the prospect of landing this communist “Latinx” academic who led a crusade to get one of his colleagues fired for being a “mercenary” (otherwise known as a “dissident”). That colleague had dared to criticize Cuba’s dictatorship.

Naturally, the reasons cited for firing this “mercenary” were academic in nature. He was accused of being “unprofessional” and “unscholarly.”

Now, the fired “mercenary” has let everyone know on social media that his persecutor is heading north to a comfortable life in capitalist wonderland. This Castronoid is going to be such an attractive “target of opportunity” hire in his new country that he will probably get dozens of job offers without even applying for a position. That’s what the term “target of opportunity” means in academia: schools come looking for you and offer you jobs without interviewing any other candidates.

Funny thing, this camouflaged academic lingo for censorship. Tres Fotutos once spent an entire summer writing an article on Cuba that he had been asked to write by fellow academics at a top Midwestern university, only to have that article rejected for publication on the grounds that it was “unprofessional”, “unscholarly,” “biased,” and “unobjective.”

The title of this article, especially, was considered too offensive: “From Cha Cha Cha to Che! Che! Che!: Deconstructing the New, Improved, Postcolonial White Man’s Burden.” In this article, Tres Fotutos argued that anyone living in a democracy with free markets who praises the so-called Cuban Revolution is really a racist at heart.

Aaaah, but Tres Fotutos can be too trusting sometimes. The colleagues who begged for this essay were Cuban academics in the U.S. Foolish Tres Fotutos assumed he could speak his mind after he received assurances that expressing his opinions was acceptable. Aaaahhh… but he should have known better. Just a few years prior to this encounter with censorship he had been disinvited by the University of Wisconsin on the grounds that he would be “representing the oppression of the Cuban people by the exile community.” The disinvitation came from their Latin American Studies program.

You’ve got to love those highly professional academic terms . . . don’t you?

Anyway, a Cuban communist repressor is now coming to the U.S. He’ll be a prime target for academic head-hunters, especially because every institution of higher learning in this country is gung-ho on proving itself a haven for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, the holy trinity of social justice. And let’s not forget the other holy trinity of Marxist academic objectiveness venerated by the self-anointed thinking class: Race! Class! Gender! (The only subjects worth studying).

Fired “mercenary” professor talks about the persecution he endured at Universidad de Oriente

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Doctor of Legal Sciences René Fidel González García denounced this Monday that one of the white-collar repressors involved in his dismissal as a professor at the Universidad de Oriente is leaving for the United States.

“One of those who participated in the farce of accusing me of being a mercenary to deprive me of my status as a professor due to lack of prestige is leaving for the United States. There is nothing wrong with the first, but with the second, ”said the essayist from Santiago from his Facebook profile.

The name of the repressor is Lester Amaury Martínez Quintana, he has been a law professor at the Universidad de Oriente since 1998, and he played a leading role in the trap they made against González García to expel him from that university.

According to the victim, the repressor “was cunning and dirty, treacherous and devious, but energetic and determined in those last meetings in which everything was precipitated by the weight of power.”

On November 11, 2016, González García was stripped of his position as a professor at the Universidad de Oriente and of his category of Full Professor for political reasons, after publishing articles on independent left-wing sites such as La Joven Cuba, Rebelión, Sin Permiso and Cuba Possible, among others.

In his expulsion ruling, the University argued that the professor had become radicalized and “the publications did not have a scientific nature and had a negative influence on the comprehensive training of the professional.”

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3 thoughts on “Communist Cuban professor who led effort to fire colleague for political incorrectness now coming to live in U.S.”

  1. Ay. The wokeness exemplified by those university departments in the two experiences you recount is why I abandoned a Latin American Studies master’s program at a public university in Florida. It was not, shall we say, a good fit for me. Prof. Eire, if your “Cha cha cha to Che Che Che” article was ever published, I would love to read it.

  2. The “Latin American Studies” academic field is unmistakably compromised by a very marked leftist bias, and it is practically obligatory to play into that in order to get anywhere in it. There are Cubans in it, but they are automatically suspect, and their dubiousness increases with their degree of success. The same, naturally, applies to the notorious LASA (Latin American Studies Association), which thoroughly disgraced itself with its resolutely pro-dictatorship response to the 11J protests in Cuba. A very unsavory crowd.

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