Cuban dictatorship captures Olympic gold medalist boxer thought to have defected

Reports last week that a Cuban boxer and Olympic gold medalist had escaped Cuba were apparently incorrect. It appears the communist Castro dictatorship captured Andy Cruz while he was trying to escape.

Via the Inquirer:

Olympic and triple world boxing champion Andy Cruz was caught trying to escape Cuba, the island nation’s boxing federation said on Tuesday, accusing the fighter of “serious indiscipline”.

The Cuban Boxing Federation (FCB) issued a statement on the website of Cuba’s INDER sports institute saying it had been “informed that the athlete Andy Cruz Gomez took part in an attempt to illegally leave the country”.

But the FCB gave no more details about the escape attempt nor Cruz’s current whereabouts.

Cruz, who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, is considered by many experts to be the finest Cuban boxer of his generation.

He faces a temporary or permanent suspension from Cuban boxing over the incident.

Along with the entire island of Cuba, the communist Castro dictatorship considers Cuban athletes property of the State, and like an escaped slave, Andy Cruz was hunted down and captured.

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  1. Runaway slaves have to be caught and brought back to the plantation. He owes everything to Massah Castro’s “revolution,” so it serves him right. Ungrateful wretch.

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