Population in Cuba sees biggest drop in 60 years

Between excessive deaths and a plummeting birthrate combined with the mass exodus of Cubans fleeing the misery of socialism, the population in communist Cuba is experiencing its worst decrease in 60 years.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuba sees the worst decrease in population in 60 years

The total population of Cuba decreased by 68,380 las year according to an investigation by the Center for Demographic Studies of the University of Havana. The Cuban News Agency was able to review the report.

During the past year, the island registered the lowest number of births (99,096) and the highest number of deaths (167,645) in the last 60 years, which caused a population decrease in all the provinces.

This means that while the country ended 2020 with 11,181,595 inhabitants, it ended 2021 with 11,113,215.

The numbers were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which sparked an increase in deaths while at the same time causing a contraction in births. Of the 168 cities on the island, 159 saw a decrease in population.

According to the University of Havana’s Center for Demographic Studies, in 2021, “Cuba saw very low levels of fertility, the equivalent of 44 years below generational replacement.” The study also showed the elderly demographic continues to grow.

From 2011 to 2025, the Cuban population will decrease ?by slightly more than 203,111 people, close to 26% of them will be 60 years old and over, with a highest growth among those 80 years old and over.

By 2030, the number of those 60 and over will be 3.3 million, which will have a direct impact on family and labor resources, among other factors.

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  1. Not a problem. Less mouths to feed and provide “free” health care for. The only population that needs to increase is that of the “diaspora,” which generates revenue for Castro, Inc. and costs it nothing.

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