Spanish communist and defender of the Cuban dictatorship confronted in Barcelona supermarket

Like all communists living in freedom, Spanish journalist Ana Hurtado loves to defend the virtues of socialism and the Castro dictatorship while enjoying the perks of capitalism. But this time, she got called out on her hypocrisy

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Spokesperson for the dictatorship Ana Hurtado confronted at a supermarket in Spain

The dictatorship’s spokesperson Ana Hurtado was confronted in a supermarket in Spain while the self-proclaimed “communist” was on a capitalist shopping spree.

In a video making the rounds on social media, a man can be seen calling out her duplicity, telling her that she’s “defending the assassins of Cuba.” Hurtado responds that she does so because she’s a “communist.”

At that point, the man then asks her if she is so communist, “why don’t you move to Cuba where Cubans can’t shop in a supermarket like this.”

Finding herself without an argument in response, Hurtado turns to an employee of the supermarket located in Barcelona and threatens to call the police.

“Go ahead and report me, I’ve been dying to see you, you are despicable . . . I have the entire Cuban community against you,” he fearlessly tells her as the “dog whistle,” as Spanish influencer Rosa Matorell calls Hurtado, takes out her cellphone to record video.

The man who “called out” Ana did not allow himself to be intimidated and responds that he and his companion have both also recorded the encounter as proof that she was not assaulted at any moment. Nevertheless, the new employee of the Cuban regime continues claiming she has been assaulted several times.

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