Croquetazo! Explosive croquetas are back! Several Cubans injured by defective food product.

Croquetazo victims Alie Bringas Delgado & Niurka Victores

From our Bureau of Socialist Cooking Hazards with some assistance from our non-bilingual Buró de Croquetazos

Ay! Once again, Cubans are being injured by one of their favorite treats. Exploding croquetas have burned several unsuspecting victims, as has happened many times before on the communist-socialist island.

This time, the victims are blaming a cuentapropista, (self-employed vendor) for the defective croquetas rather than their dictatorship. Same difference. In a dysfunctional communist paradise nothing is ever done properly, whether the state is involved or not.

Regulating anything or ensuring safe production of any product is too much of a challenge for Castro, Inc. or any leftist government. Oh, look, croquetas! Yum! Bang! Tremendo croquetazo! Next thing you know you’ve got hot croqueta bits in your eye and third degree burns on your face and arms. Socialism at work, once again.

Keep this in mind as you approach the voting booth in November. Vote for Socialist Democrats or any other leftists and this could happen to you too, here in the U.S. Bang! Aaaaaay!

Hey, this one isn’t our fault! Some greedy “self-employed” capitalist pig is responsible!

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Several people have suffered serious burns in the Bauta municipality, Artemisa province, due to croquettes that explode on contact with hot oil.

User Alie Bringas Delgado denounced in the Facebook group “Gente de Bauta” that the product is sold in a private business, run by a self-employed person named Luis, who is located behind the local market on Martí Street.

“They exploded in my hand and I’ve been all burned for a week and I’m not getting better. I didn’t burn my face because I was fast, but I understand that a girl burned her face and it was very serious,” the woman said.

The other victim of the explosive croquettes suffered burns to her face, neck, arms, and abdomen. Internet user Niurka Victores shared images of her recovery in the aforementioned group and it is difficult to believe that a food has caused so much damage.

However, several people assured that there are more injured by trying to consume this product. “It is true because the same thing happened to my stepmother as to that lady and she also went with the croquettes that she bought there in that place. My stepmother’s burns were much worse than this lady’s,” said Lore Serrano.

“The same thing happened to me. I never bought them again. I personally told Luis, but he didn’t care. We, the citizens, have nothing to support us, nothing,” added Anays González Alpizar. For her part, Laydell Domínguez, said that her house, the victim was her son; “He burned himself frying croquettes from that same place, that’s a danger.”

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  1. This is just what happens when savages go for pre-processed food instead of hunting it down themselves and eating it with minimal preparation. Serves them right.

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