Cuba’s ruling elite gather to say farewell to purged oligarch Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja

Socialist diversity and inclusion: un par de negritos, tres jevas, un rey, un titere, un principe, una princesa, algunos cincuentones, y un montón de viejucos blanquitos

From our Bureau of Successfully Purged Communist Party Leaders

A photographer has captured a very rare moment in the history of Castrogonia during which a huge number of Communist Party leaders gathered to pay their respects to one of their own who they had recently murdered.

You can see the cretins looking very solemn in the photo above.

Below is a photo of what they are viewing: the murdered oligarch’s casket, appropriately surrounded by “Revolutionary” art work on the walls .

The Revolution Never Dies

3 thoughts on “Cuba’s ruling elite gather to say farewell to purged oligarch Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja”

  1. Do note the three pictures on the back wall, of men who really did want a free Cuba and fought and died for that. They don’t belong anywhere near this bunch of perverse criminals, liars and absolute enemies of the Cuban people, who have turned Cuba into a miserably dystopian third-world shithole. Lord, the revulsion. Still, you gotta love how the fake generals are still wearing their ridiculous little costumes and faux bling.

    And not that it matters, but you’d think Mariela could have worn proper shoes for the occasion. Sheesh.

    As for the good Negroes, they’re purely decorative, as in tokens, and have no real power. No person of color has been even remotely as powerful under the “revolution” as Batista was before it.

  2. It looks like the flowers they’re holding (which was a bad idea and looks really cheesy) are plastic. How apt.

    But shouldn’t the dead man’s son be in the front row? I think he’s next to Mariela, but it’s hard to be sure about the back rows. Is the ex-wife there? What about the Vilmita person? What about Raúl Castro’s son?

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