Cuba’s transition to kleptocracy: How the communist party elite are becoming Cuba’s new ‘entrepreneurs’

The change taking place in communist Cuba has nothing to do with freedom or democracy and everything to do with the communist party elite setting themselves up to be Cuba’s new “entrepreneurs.”

Julio Shiling explains in El American:

Cuba’s Transition to a Kleptocracy

Communist Cuba’s new “entrepreneurs” are zealous cadres. They are Fidel’s Red Guards

Politics is never static. Transitions can go in democracy’s way or head in the opposite direction, to other variations of dictatorial rule. Castro-Communism is undergoing a fraudulent change. It is moving in the latter case. A spurious “civil society” is being concocted by the Castro regime. A false “opposition”, loyal in nature, is also colonizing the West. The emergence of a groomed “entrepreneurial” class, structurally conjoined to Castroism, is more visible every day. This is to accommodate the fake “privatization” and “liberalization” schemes designed to fool Americans. A Cuban kleptocracy, in sync with Putinism as a model but retaining its totalitarian base, is unfolding before our eyes.

Civil Society Defined

Postmodernism and cultural Marxists have made the muddling of language and concepts, an industry. Sometimes, even well-intentioned people fall prey to the confusion. Defining pivotal terms becomes necessary. Civil society is the sum of all institutions, organizations, and associations whose essence and functions are independent of all political power and public entities.

Totalitarian regimes eradicate civil society. Therefore, all societal activities are dependent, in one form or another, on the fused dictatorial State/Party apparatus. In communist Cuba, there are the opposition, dissident, discontented, and non-conforming sectors of society. This does not constitute, however, a civil society. Dictatorships, strictly of the authoritarian model, do contain a civil society. These non-democratic, but non-totalitarian variants, control only the political sphere and not the economic or social.

It is vital that Castro regime tagged “entrepreneurs”, not be misleadingly categorized as “civil society”. This brutal manipulation of settled terms, serve the intended purpose of falsifying reality through distorted image projections. This strategy underlies political objectives. In the case of Cuban communism, it is geared to facilitate regime survivorship.

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