Surprise! Expert predicts total collapse of Cuba’s electrical grid

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As Cubans continue to endure constant blackouts throughout the island, a Cuban-American expert at the University of Texas points out that this crisis is only going to worsen.

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Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

“I see on the horizon the total collapse of the Cuban electrical system,” predicted in an interview with Radio Martí the renowned energy expert Jorge Piñón, director of the Energy Program for Latin America and the Caribbean at the University of Texas, in the city of Austin. .

Given the pressing energy crisis that Cuba is going through, where the population complains of prolonged blackouts throughout the island, the professor considered that the Cuban rulers cannot solve this serious problem by patching it up.

“They cannot continue with this policy of Band-Aids, of dealing with the thermoelectric generating plants that they have now rented from Turkey… I mean, structural recapitalization is needed,” he said.

This week he presented in Miami the research “Cuban Energy in Transition: Geopolitical Scenarios” during the 23rd Caribbean Energy Conference, in which he addressed, among other topics, the balance of oil supply and demand in Cuba, the electric power sector and The renewable energies.

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  1. Just a manifestation of the abject failure of the “revolution.” All it knows and cares about is staying in power.

  2. It’s the embargo, its the embargo, its the embargo! Wait for the New York Times and the rest of the American MSM to editorialize.

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