Cuban consulate officials in Canada assault band playing at Toronto fair after group says ‘Patria y Vida’

The class and decorum of the communist Castro dictatorship’s foreign diplomatic corps is unmatched.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban communists attempt to sabotage the Latin Fair in Toronto

A group of Cuban communist officials participating in the Toronto Latin Fair attempted to sabotage the traditional Canadian cultural event by showing their “revolutionary fervor” upon hearing the phrase “Homeland and Life!”

According to a Facebook post by Adrian Guerrero, the event was proceeding as usual when several officials from the Cuban consulate in Toronto violently confronted musicians from the Sol de Cuba band when they expressed their desire to see the end of the dictatorship by uttering the well-known phrase.

According to the Cuban immigrant in Canada, up until that moment, the regime officials, all wearing t-shirts with slogans calling for the “end of the blockade,” were busy selling a fictitious Cuba and promoting hotels.

However, “it all started when the fair’s conclusion was announced with the Cuban group Sol de Cuba. With these sons of Cuba I discovered that I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with all the lies and distortions at that fair. Before starting their set, one of the singers let out the immortal phrase that changed the course of history and awoke consciences around the world: HOMELAND AND LIFE. That was like dynamite that only offended 9 or 10 representatives of the Cuban Communist Party,” wrote Guerrero.


Along with his post, he uploaded photos and videos that showed the intolerance of those who support Cuban totalitarianism. The same ones who do not tolerate anyone who thinks differently from the regime’s indoctrination and whose only have violence as a means to achieve their mission.

In one of the images a visibly upset women can be seen throwing punches and yelling in rage at the people on the stage. It is truly shameful that this official supposedly represents an entire country.

“The fair concluded without the presence of Cuban music because of the offended (the terrorist mafia of the Cuban Communist Party) who cannot control themselves as an audience. They had the option of being there or leaving, to applaud or not applaud the performance. There was no music, but freedom and rights still prevailed,” said Adrian Guerrero.

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