Parasite nation of Cuba receives $17 million from Japan to refurbish a power plant

Tallapiedra Power Station, Havana

From our Bureau of Malevolent Socialist Parasites

Castro, Inc. stays in business because other nations shower it with gifts. If it weren’t for this incomprehensible phenomenon, Castro, Inc. would have been killed off by its own monstrous inefficiency long ago.

How many times has it brought itself to brink of dying a natural death, only for it to be rescued by some other nation? Whether it’s debt forgiveness, outright gifts (such as this one) or partnerships with its apartheid tourism industry, or its mining industry, one can always count on wealthier nations to prop up the island’s dictatorship.

Japan’s recent gift seems very odd. Why give Castro, Inc. a new power plant? Why pick Isla de Pinos? What’s in it for Japan? Could it be that this island to the south of Cuba once had the largest number of Japanese immigrants?

Who knows? Who cares? There is a greater mystery involved here. Why do so many capitalist nations love this parasite so much?

From D1SoftballNews

Japan has donated 17 million dollars to Cuba, in order to improve the electrical situation on the Isle of Youth.

This Thursday an agreement was signed in Havana between the Electric Union of Cuba (UNE), Energoimport, Nishizawa Limited and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation for “the acquisition of a fast discharge battery system that works as frequency regulators in parks photovoltaic or wind, which, together with an Energy Management System (SGE), will contribute to stabilizing the electricity supply in the aforementioned Cuban territory. This was reported by the official agency Prensa Latina (PL).

For the purchase of the aforementioned batteries, the Japan International Cooperation Agency will provide the Cuban government with “non-reimbursable financial assistance, estimated at 2,392 million yen (about 17.5 million dollars),” reported PL.

According to statements by Amaury Mena, investment director of the UNE, all the conditions have been created to receive and install Japanese technology. The official said that the contract “opens the final stage for the execution and materialization of the Project to Improve the Supply of Electric Power on the Isle of Youth, whose idea arose in 2017 as part of a Technical Cooperation agreement between the governments of Cuba. and Japan”.

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  1. As someone who appreciates Japanese culture, and who thinks the Japanese are clearly superior to the Chinese, I am saddened to see this display of what is at best foolishness and beneath Japan’s dignity. But yes, Castrogonia is an inveterate and obligatory parasite, and it MUST get sustenance from external feeders.

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