Cuban dictatorship appoints female colonel as interim replacement for its dead money chief Lopez-Calleja

Interim GAESA Chief Colonel Lastres Morera

From our Bureau of Communist Party Purges and Transitions with some assistance from our Bureau of Real Surprises

Meet the new interim money czar for Castro, Inc. In a very rare move, the island’s military junta has chosen a woman who was recently promoted to the rank of colonel as interim chief executive of its monopolistic conglomerate GAESA.

Ania Guillermina Lastres Morera has been serving as vice-president of GAESA, second in command below the recently deceased money czar General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja. Not much is known about her yet, except that she owns property in London and Panama and is also listed as chief of various international corporations worth millions of dollars, including Alisan, S.A. and Lukenwest Holdings S.A

Castro, Inc. is blaming Long Covid for the death of its money czar, who apparently never recovered fully from the plague. Nice cover-up, most likely. Communist parties everywhere have a long history of making inconvenient members disappear, especially those who are seen as holding too much power.

The official funeral photos reveal a lot about Castro, Inc.’s power structure. CubaNet examines these revelations:

CEO – Colonel Lastres Morera at funeral of her predecesor
Just a typical Latrine American military junta. Brutal, of course, but perfectly acceptable to liberals

If we wanted to know what the true power structure is in Cuba, as well as have an idea of what will happen shortly in GAESA, now that the Castros’ “consigliere” has abruptly left the game, it would suffice to look at the photos of the funeral honors of the recently deceased Division General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja.

Everything was as “intimate” and “secret” as befits the mourning rites of a clan, just as absolutely nothing was left to chance. Each of the guests occupied the precise place with Raúl Castro in the center, accompanied by the ninety-year-old José Ramón Machado Ventura, who for years was the neighbor who occupied the mansion next to the deceased, on the same exclusive street of Reparto Kholy, in Miramar.

Those who were not in that room transformed into a chapel are absolutely expendable, recyclable and even disposable “soldiers”, including generals, ministers, deputy ministers, family friends and others who, although summoned to the funeral out of obligation or courtesy, were left waiting. in an adjoining room, and they were only able to enter to pay tribute after the chiefs had left.

According to what was affirmed by one of those attending the funeral, in a private conversation with CubaNet, “those who did not appear in the photo (with Raúl Castro in the center) do not have a guaranteed future once (Raúl) dies.”

The images released by the official press speak for themselves. In the Granma Room of the Ministry of the Armed Forces (FAR), in front of the ashes of the former executive president of the FAR Business Administration Group, were all those who are, including, in the second row to the left of Raúl Castro, and exactly behind Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, First Colonel Ania Guillermina Lastres Morera who, as First Vice President of GAESA, will replace López-Calleja on an interim basis.

“There is no doubt that Ania (Lastres Morera) will continue in office for a while,” says one of the sources. “She was promoted not long ago from colonel to first colonel, and possibly in December of this year she will be promoted to general because everyone talks about her good work, although it is also said that Marrero could at some point return to GAESA as president (… ); he (would accept it) more than happy, because although it seems that he falls well below prime minister, he knows better than Díaz-Canel where the real power is, where the money comes from”.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship appoints female colonel as interim replacement for its dead money chief Lopez-Calleja”

  1. Oh, she looks very intellectual, no? Doesn’t her appearance scream professional economist? Classic.

  2. Asombra,

    You’re right. Doesn’t look very intellectual, I can only imagine her negotiating with someone with an advanced degree from the UK’s top business school, the University of Cambridge [sigh], but then again, Cuban diplomats are used to banging on tables, screaming and even hitting people. We can’t expect anything different from her, since its been some time that Cuba has transitioned into a full fledged THIRD WORLD SHITHOLE COUNTRY.

    In any case, the regime will market her as a sign of how progressive Cuba is, that they have true diversity in their government ranks as she is a woman. And of course, the American MSM will pick up on that angle like they do with that other farce Mariela and her LGBTQ BS.

    • She looks like typical miliciana/CDR material. The critical issue, as always with the Castro system, is that she be unconditionally loyal and reliable politically–actual talent for a job is secondary and not really required, though it’s a nice bonus if it’s there. Besides, even if she were a first-rate economist, they wouldn’t let her operate freely or rationally. She’s not there to fix Cuba’s economy,; she’s there to help the regime stay in power, meaning to uphold the status quo.

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