One year later, a Cuban pastor remains imprisoned for peacefully protesting on July 11

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is calling attention to Pastor Lorenzo Gonzalez Rosales, a Cuban minister who remains imprisoned by the Castro dictatorship after his arrest for peacefully protesting last July 11.

Via The Washington Times:

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has given Cuba a failing grade in a new report.

The independent advisory panel, which makes recommendations to the White House, State Department and Congress on religious liberty issues, released a 30-page report detailing Cuba’s treatment of believers as dissidents prepare to mark the anniversary of July 11, 2021, protests that saw a number of religious leaders jailed.

One of the most prominent clerics, Protestant pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, was among 15 Cubans whose convictions on charges relating to the July 11 protests were upheld June 24 by a court in Cuba. Mr. Fajardo “was violently arrested” following his participation in what rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide called “peaceful protests.”

CSW said the religious leader “has been imprisoned in Boniato Maximum Security Prison since August 2021, and was tried and convicted of charges of?‘disrespect,’ ‘assault,’ ‘criminal incitement’ and ‘public disorder’” in December of last year, receiving a seven-year sentence.

According to USCIRF, the communist regime “fails to meet international standards” for freedom of religion or belief.”

Religious freedom is virtually non-existent in communist Cuba. Religious groups and churches that do not submit to the State become targets for constant harassment and religious persecution. While Jewish groups and the Catholic Church in Cuba have enjoyed relative peace due to their leadership’s chummy relationship with the Castro dictatorship, Protestant and other minority denominations and religions have endured the brunt of the atheistic dictatorship’s anti-religion wrath.