Over the past year, 15 generals from Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces have suddenly died

No less than 15 Cuban generals have suddenly died since the July 11 uprising in Cuba along with another 8 high-ranking officers. Some were already old, but the stench of a communist purge is hard to ignore.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

15 generals dead in less than a year. What’s going on with high-ranking officers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces?

The death of Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) Division General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja on July 1st was another name added to an extensive list of generals and other high-ranking officers who have died over the past year.

Since the anti-government protests on July 11, 2021, 23 high-ranking officers (the majority of them in the reserves) have died under different circumstances, among them 15 generals.

The highest ranking officer of them all was Lopez-Calleja, who in addition to his military rank, held the position of Executive President of the Business Administration Group (GAESA), was a member of the Cuban Communist Party Politburo, and was a representative in the National Assembly of Popular Power for the town of Remedios in the province of Villa Clara.

The first death reported since July 11 was Division General Agustin Peña Porrez, who was the commander of the Eastern Army. Peña Porrez was a member of the Central Committee since April of 2021. He died on July 18 at the age of 58 and no cause of death was ever given.

After the death of the Eastern Army commander came the deaths of Reserve Brigadier General Marcelo Verdecia Perdomo (July 20) and Reserve Division General Ruben Martinez Puente (July 24), the former commander of the Revolutionary Anti-Aircraft Defense and Air Force.

Days later on July 26, two more high-ranking officers died: Reserve Brigadier General Manuel Eduardo Lastres Pacheco and Brigadier General Armando Choy Rodriguez.

On August 16, 2021, they announced the death of Reserve Brigadier General Arnoldo Ferrer Martinez, the former preparations commander for the Territorial Troops Militia and the military chief of Havana.

On August 28, Reserve Division General Felix Baranda Columbie passed away. Just 19 days later (September 16), the death of Reserve Brigadier General Hiraldo Antonio Mora, who served three tours of duty in Angola, was reported.

On September 30, 2021 Brigadier General Diego Cobas Sanz, who served as Combat Readiness Commander for the FAR, died. Throughout his career, Cobas Sanz specialized in commanding tank brigades. He was also the former Chief of Staff for the Military Regions of Havana, Mayabeque, and Artemisa.

Brigadier General Manuel de Jesus Rey Soberon died on October 15. He was the former commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry Directorate and former head of the National Defense School. Five days later, the death of Reserve Brigadier General Manuel Fernandez Falco was announced. He was the former commander of the National Revolutionary Police.

On December 27, 2021, Brigadier General Humberto Omar Francis Pardo died. Hee was the former commander of Fidel Castro’s Personal Security Directorate and former commander of the “shock troops” deployed during protests.

On March 25, 2022, Reserve Brigadier General Rafael Moracen Limonta died. He was a soldier in the Rebel Army, fought in the Angolan war, and was also in charge of the International Relations Secretariat for the Combat Veterans of the Syrian Revolution Association.

The last death before the passing of Lopez-Calleja happened on June 23, 2022 when the death of Reserve Brigadier General Enrique Acevedo Gonzalez was announced. He was a combat veteran in the Rebel Army, former commander of the Infantry Company, former Military Region Commander, former commander for the Infantry Divisions of both the Eastern and Western Armies, former regional military commander for the city of Havana, and former chief for Combat Readiness for the Western Army.

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