Lourdes and Mayra driving the left crazy

As you may know, George Soros has been making some news in South Florida.  This is the story:    

It’s safe to say that Democrats have noticed the recent exodus of large numbers of Hispanic voters from their party. Because they know that in a close election, a one- or two-point shift in the minority vote could sway the outcome of the race, panicked party leaders are looking for ways to stop the bleeding.

Master of the universe George Soros, who understands the significance of politics at the local level, has backed a group that plans to purchase 18 conservative Hispanic radio stations for $60 million later this year, according to Fox News. The deal is currently awaiting approval from the Federal Communication Commission.

Fox reported that Lakestar Finance, an investment company tied to Soros Fund Management has “partially funded” the Latino Media Network, a new network that is “controlled by staunch Democrat supporters including a former Obama staffer and Clinton campaign employee.”   

But it’s not going to be quite as easy as they’d likely anticipated. Among the stations included in the deal is Radio Mambi, an anti-communist station in Miami. Its star host, conservative Lourdes Ubieta, has walked out the door and there are signs that others will follow.

Ubieta is moving to Americano Media, a SiriusXM radio network that offers a conservative perspective in Spanish.

Good for Lourdes. All of this comes a few days after the New York Times posted an article about that right-wing Latina in South Texas, the just elected Representative Mayra Flores. In the article, the author tries to present “God, family, country” as a reactionary message.  

It must be panic and nothing else. For years the Democrats have grown accustomed to expecting the Hispanic vote.  It’s not happening this year and that has them calling a lot of people “right wing.”

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  1. One would think that the term “Latinos” or “Latins” would have been ditched by now, since it refers to a European background which has practically NOTHING to do with the indigenous people of “Latin” America.. In other words, the term should have become politically incorrect by now. The whole business is bogus.

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