Cuban champion javelin thrower defects as soon as she lands in Miami

As soon as she arrived at the Miami International Airport with the Cuban national team, champion javelin thrower Yiselena Ballar Rojas seized the opportunity to escape the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Javelin thrower Yiselena Ballar Rojas defected from the Cuban delegation in Miami, where it had arrived on its way to compete in the 2022 World Athletics Championship in Eugene, OR, according to sports journalists in Florida.

The young athlete, who was added to the team at the last moment, escaped immediately after arriving at the Miami International Airport where they were connecting to another flight to Oregon, PlayOff Magazine and Swing Completo reported.

Ballar has a personal record of 60 meters. She won the championship at the Barrientos Memorial this year and was a bronze medalist at the under-20 2021 World Championship in Nairobi in 2021, PlayOff Magazine said.

The 19-year-old native of Cienfuegos was a silver medalist at the 2021 Cali-Valle Junior Pan American Games with a 57.14 meter throw, reported Swing Completo.

To the complete befuddlement of the American left that can’t understand why anyone would want to escape the socialist paradise of communist Cuba, you can expect to see more athletes defecting as the Cuban national team continues its tour in the U.S.,