Hundreds of Cubans take to the streets to protest hunger and chronic blackouts

The Castro dictatorship’s repression is usually quite effective at keeping the people quiet, but Cubans can only take so much abuse. Exasperated and infuriated by the lack of food and the constant blackouts, hundreds of Cubans risked their lives and took to the streets on Thursday night to protest the communist regime’s incompetence and corruption.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

As midnight approached on Thursday, hundreds of people took to the streets of the town of Los Palacios in Pinar del Rio. Several live-stream videos were posted on social media showing a multitude of people on the town’s streets. They are seen walking towards the local headquarters of the Cuban Communist Party banging on pots and yelling protest slogans.

In the video protesters can be heard yelling “We’re hungry!” and “Turn on the electricity!” as well as “Diaz-Canel Singao!” In fact, shouts of “Down with the dictatorship!” can also be heard.

Shortly after 12:30 AM Friday morning, all of the live transmissions from Los Palacios suddenly stopped. It is assumed that is when the town’s internet was cut off by the Cuban telecommunications monopoly ETECSA. In similar situations in the past, the company has cut off services to prevent new images of protests to get out.

If the Cuban regime is wondering what can spark another July 11, this is what will spark another July 11.

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  1. It’s not just incompetence–it’s also indolence, as in not giving a shit about “the people,” and the longstanding sense of being able to get away with anything and everything.

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