Cuban dictatorship tries to hide the reasons behind the massive protest in Los Palacios Thursday night

The communist Castro dictatorship knows the hundreds who protested in Los Palacios could’ve easily sparked another July 11 they’re not sure they can survive again. So state-run media is hiding what really happened.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The truth about the protests in Los Palacios the Cuban regime does not want told

After news of a massive protest Thursday night in the town of Los Palacios, Pinar del Rio spread across social media, Cuban state-run media has taken on the task to fabricate its own version of what happened that omits important details the videos from the protest make evident.

For example, the state-run media website Cubadebate blamed the event on “popular discontent” due to a “prolonged blackout” caused by a “local storm.” Nevertheless, the report left out the slogans the protesters were yelling such as “Diaz-Canel F*cker” and “Turn on the electricity, goddammit!”

“There are children here who have nothing to eat and there’s no electricity,” a woman’s voice is heard telling officials who showed up among the clanging of pots. In several Facebook posts, commenters were able to determine the protesters were in front of the local headquarters of the Cuban Communist Party. “They’re a bunch of potbellies, f*ckers is what they are,” another person yelled as the pot-banging continued.

State-run media quoted the president of the Los Palacios city government, Jose Ramon Cabrera, who tried to explain the protest as a one-time event sparked by “disagreements and lack of information” on the part of those protesting.

Avoiding any mention that Cubans are fed up with the blackouts that are affecting the entire nation since March and sometimes last for more than 10 hours, the official said that “on Thursday afternoon, we had an issue with a main line that feeds the area.”

As justification, he said it was due to the “inclement weather that makes it difficult to work on this in a timely fashion. This is what caused several comrades to come out late at night and take to the streets irritated and yelling their disagreements. We joined them on the streets and explained the situation to them,” he said.

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