<> Pregnant woman loses baby after she’s injured in assault by Cuban police on residents standing in line for food

UPDATE: A report from Diario de Cuba is stating the woman who reportedly lost her baby after a violent response by Cuban police during an argument in a food line in Havana did not lose the baby. Here’s the report (my translation):

The pregnant Cuban women who passed out during an argument in a food line in Managua this past weekend is fine and so is her baby, according to a post on Twitter by the Arroyo Naranjo Municipal Directorate.

The mother, identified in the post as Ayamey Gonzalez Valdes, spent Sunday at the Enrique Cabrera Hospital.

“She and her baby are fine, the doctors say the baby monitor indicates the fetus is in good health,” said the tweet.

“I am fine, both me and my baby are fine,” said the mother-to-be during an examination by doctors, according to the post.

The original report is below:

Reports coming from from the island indicate the pregnant woman who was in a line for food when Cuban police responded with violence to an argument among residents in the Managua neighborhood of Havana has lost her baby.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

A pregnant woman was injured on Saturday when residents of the Havana neighborhood of Managua in Arroyo Naranjo confronted police who had responded with violence to an argument taking place in a line for food, according to videos and reports posted on social media.

The injuries she received have caused her to lose the baby, confirms a statement posted on Facebook by the Free Cuban Medical Guild, which repudiated the violent action taken by police.

“Today in the already exhausting line for chicken in an effort to find some way to satisfy the hunger and nutritional needs on the island, an argument broke out among area residents where the police responded with violence, as is always the case. At that moment, in response to the police violence, the people rebelled, taking away one officer’s night sticks and breaking the glass of one police car,” said the statement.

The organization explained that in the course of the confrontation, a pregnant woman was injured. “They rolled her across the ground and knocked her unconscious. She had to be hospitalized at the Enrique Cabrera Surgical Clinic and now the news comes that she lost the baby,” the report explains.

Add another death, this time an unborn child, to the long list of those killed by the communist Castro dictatorship throughout its 63-year-long reign of terror. This is socialism in action.

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