Over the past 6 months, 63 newborns die from lethal infections in Cuban children’s hospital

Hospital Infantil Sur de Santiago de Cuba, known as La Colonia (built before the so-called “Revolution”)

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This is horrific. Absolutely devastating. Aaah, but don’t expect for this piece of bad news to get any attention beyond the confines of the Cuban diaspora. El Niuyortain isn’t going to report this, for sure, and the same is true of all other news outlets that often praise Castro, Inc.’s health care system. And chances are that most Cubans on the island will never learn of this catastrophe from their Ministry of Truth..

Imagine what sort of dysfunction must have created such an appalling statistic: Sixty three newborns dying at the same hospital, over and over, month after month for half a year. And women kept coming to this septic hellhole to give birth, probably unaware of the danger. You can be sure no one at this hospital ever uttered a word about the dead newborns, until Radio Bemba (the rumor mill) forced them to admit they had a problem..

And, by the way, back in 1939, it was at this hospital that some surgeon saved 13-year-old Fidel Castro from death after his appendix ruptured. Damn! Imagine Cuban history without Fidel. Double damn!. For starters, if he had died of sepsis from a burst appendix in 1939, those 63 newborns would not have died at the very same hospital that saved his life. Talk about irony! This almost qualifies as Latrine American “magical realism.”

Socialism can be dangerous to your health. Over the past two years, many complaints have surfaced about hordes of cockroaches that plague this children’s hospital. Meanwhile, as the parents of these dead infants grieve, another death from hemorrhagic dengue fever has been reported. This time, the victim was a 16-year-old boy.

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. This is a crime. Will anyone be held accountable, other than the mosquitos and the cucarachas?

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A national commission of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) and personnel assigned to the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) is investigating cases of neonatal in-hospital sepsis in Santiago de Cuba that have caused the death of 63 newborns, reported the information page El Chago – Santiago de Cuba on Facebook.

The deaths of the babies would have been registered during the first six months of this year, according to information offered by a worker from a maternity hospital to the independent Cuban Newspaper.

A source consulted by the Santiago platform El Chago said that the deaths “are associated with possible gaps in epidemiological surveillance, which could be explained by hospital dynamics, perhaps linked to possible violations of hygienic-sanitary regulations.” The specialist clarified that “the possibility of prior aternal infections being the cause is not ruled out, although this problem has become less common because women are examined during pregnancy.”

The person quoted by El Chago added: “Germs were isolated in neonatologies, in childbirth, and in incubator filters. . . Nosocomial sepsis is a frequent pathology in neonatal care units, in whose etiopathogenesis multiple factors are involved… One of these factors or the sum of several of them, makes the path fertile, and nosocomial neonatal sepsis very easily leads to in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, a serious and usually fatal event if not detected early,” he concluded.

This is a good thing … yes, very good … just think of it as late-term abortions, a birth control option which all of us “progressives” eagerly seek to provide to American women

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  1. Par for the course in a third-world shithole. Perfectly normal. As far as the usual suspects are concerned, the fact the mothers of the dead babies got “free” medical care is plenty good enough. Nothing to see here.

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