Two Cubas: Food shortages and blackouts for Cubans, ‘quality service’ for foreign tourists

This is a tale of two Cubas: the totalitarian hellhole Cubans are forced to live in and the luxurious tropical paradise the communist Castro regime provides for foreign tourists. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

For Cubans, blackouts, for tourists, ‘quality service this summer’

Amidst chronic blackouts, shortages, and housing and transportation crises, the Cuban government has announced that Cuba is ready “to offer tourists quality service this summer.”

According to the Cuban News Agency, in a meeting of parliament members at the Convention Palace in Havana, it was announced that hotel facilities are ready and “although COVID-19 negatively impacted the country’s tourist sector, they’re seeing a gradual recovery of the market with lofty goals that are achievable.”

In a document presented to members of parliament, 1,049 of 5,617 hotel rooms in the sector have been recovered and there’s increased activities at airports, especially with the investments made in Cayo Largo del Sur on the Isle of Youth where a new runway was inaugurated at the Vilo Acuña International Airport.

Issues pointed out were the lack of variety in food and beverages. Nevertheless, according to the statements, they are addressing the situation with “expanded contractual relationships with agricultural production and other state-led initiatives both mixed and private to help in the acquisition of resources.”

The report highlighted the Ministry of Tourism’s day-to-day control to guarantee tourist operations and the fact that the tourist facilities all have health licenses and certifications from Tourism+Hygienic Insurance.

“Cuba is a safe tourist destination characterized by the tranquility of the citizenry, its culture, its sovereignty, and quality,” authorities said. These qualities provided to tourists are the complete opposite of what Cubans are living and experiencing.

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  1. And the tourists, of course, are just fine with the complete disconnect between their Cuba experience and that of ordinary Cubans. The sad thing is they could get better value for money elsewhere.

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