Ceiling collapses in birthing room of Cuban hospital

Beautiful Hospital Provincial Antonio Luaces Iraola de Ciego de Ávila

From our Bureau of Free Socialist Health Care with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Building Maintenance

When all you can do is to patch up crumbling buildings rather than get at the root of the problem, this is what happens. Everyone knows this at Castro, Inc., but they simply don’t care.

Fortunately, no mothers were in this birthing room when nearly ten square feet of the ceiling came tumbling down.

Birthing room before ceiling collapse

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

In the birthing room of the Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial Hospital in Ciego de Ávila, three square meters of false ceiling fell due to the delicate state of construction of the facility, reported the local official newspaper Invasor on Wednesday.

The newspaper pointed out that “the collapse became the last straw for medical assistance in the Avilanian Obstetric Unit, for years subjected to continuous repair and maintenance actions, which did not constitute definitive solutions.”

The director of the hospital, Alberto Moronta Enrique, said that these rooms will be completely repaired and the assistance of deliveries and cesarean sections will go to the Morón Roberto Rodríguez hospital.

The official explained that they must “eliminate leaks and disused ventilation ducts, waterproof the roof, improve lighting, veneer, restore the carpentry, fix the hydro-sanitary networks and the vaults of the surgical rooms.”

On the other hand, the Morón obstetric facilities are also under construction, so women showed resistance to being treated there, which generated an overload of pregnant women in Ciego de Ávila.

Carlos Martínez Gómez, deputy director of the hospital’s Maternal and Child Program, said that “some patients have arrived in the expulsive period, when their transfer is impossible, and it has been necessary to assume the birth here, contrary to what has been described and the existing capacities.”

The official newspaper acknowledged that in Ciego de Ávila “giving birth in the coming months will be, more than ever, a handicap in the care chain, where practices and protocols will coexist with efforts to build a wall. All conditioned by the pressure of the full rooms and the transfers at the wrong time”.

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7 thoughts on “Ceiling collapses in birthing room of Cuban hospital”

  1. All that the regime cares about is making new hotels. There was a beautiful hospital in Cuba [art deco design] that was allowed to crumble. It got so structurally unsafe that they had to knock it down, meanwhile, they create that cheap piece of shit and the ceiling already collapses.

    • All it really cares about is staying in power, for which it needs money, hence the hotels. Everything it does is based on that. Ordinary Cubans don’t generate revenue on their own, so they don’t count.

  2. I am amazed that females are still having babies in Cuba. That is a hopeful sign – the resilience of Cubans. Still, what kind of a future do they expect for their offspring?

    I like the lady riding her bike the wrong way in the middle of the road. Cubans have been taught not to respect the law. A small sign of resistance to the system. Luckily, there are few cars in Cuba. It would be a bikers paradise except for the many potholes and the terrible quality of the bikes. Cuba has sunk from being the most prosperous country in Latin America to being below developing countries.

    Like the rest of Cuba, the hospital looks good from the outside but things on the inside are in terrible need of repair.

  3. The real problem is that everything Castro, Inc. has supposedly done “for the people” has been a ruse. The “revolution” was never for the people, but to control them and hold absolute power over them forever. That’s why everything, what there is of it, is so shoddy and dysfunctional. It’s NOT supposed to work as advertised.

  4. Asombra,

    “That’s why everything, what there is of it, is so shoddy and dysfunctional. It’s NOT supposed to work as advertised.”


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