Three soccer players from the Cuban national team defect in Guatemala

Three more enslaved Cuban athletes have escaped their communist slave masters, this time in Guatemala.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Three Cuban athletes defect from the national team at an indoor soccer tournament in Guatemala

Three Cuban soccer players have defected from the national team at the Under-20 UNCAF FIFA Forward Indoor Soccer tournament being held in Guatemala.

Mario Planchet, Christian Temprano, and Leonardo Acevedo did not show up for a semifinals game last Friday in which Cuba lost to Nicaragua, reported the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre.

According to that report, the three young men had escaped a couple of days before the match between Cuba and Nicaragua and their whereabouts are unknown.

“The respective authorities have been notified about the incident so the search for the three Caribbean players can begin and they are found so they cannot leave the country,” the report said.

Cuba finished in the Central American tournament in fourth place with Nicaragua winning the championship and Costa Rica winning second place.


Armando Guerra Carames, a doctor and member of the Cuban delegation, confirmed the defection by the three athletes in a post on Facebook.

“With all we’ve been through in addition to the treason by three of our players, including the best player on the team, these young men knew how to apply themselves and fight day after day for their team, for Cuba,” said Guerra in a post celebrating the national team…

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