Cuban Olympic medalist and world champion athlete defects in Oregon after World Athletic Championship

The hits just keep on coming for the communist Castro dictatorship. Yaime Perez, a world champion discuss thrower, has escaped her slave masters and defected at the World Athletic Championship being held in Oregon.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Yaime Perez leaves the Cuban team at the World Athletic Championship held in the U.S.

Elite athlete Yaime Perez, world champion of the 2019 Doha games and Pan American Games champion in Lima, has left the team sent by Cuba to the World Athletic Championship held in the U.S., according to reports on Tuesday by Play-Off Magazine.

“Sources close to the team have confirmed the defection in the last few hours by the award-winning athlete who specializes in the discus throw and who came in 7th at the World Athletic Championship held in Eugene,” journalist Leonardo Ruiz Rivera confirmed in his reporting in the magazine that focuses on Cuban sports.

According to the report, the national team had been split up into three groups. One group is already in Cuba and the other two groups are still in the U.S.


Journalist Leonardo Ruiz opined that in regards to Yaime Perez, “Cuba has lost one of the few remaining athletes who competes on the world level, one of the most iconic figures in recent times.”

Sports authorities on the island have yet to confirm the defection by Yaime Perez.

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