Cubans are calling for a national strike to bring down the Castro dictatorship

The only thing the communist Cuban dictatorship understands is pain, and when you disrupt their businesses and make them divert resources, you’re hitting them where it hurts the most: their wallets.

Via El American:

Cubans Call For A ‘National Strike’ On The Island To End The Dictatorship

Cuban exile organizations and the Frente Hemisférico por la Libertad (FHL) announced Wednesday in Miami their unconditional and proactive support for a “national strike” in Cuba that activists and citizens of the island are carrying out to reestablish democracy after 63 years of dictatorship.

The announcement was made at the headquarters of the Presidio Político Histórico Cubano, where an open letter entitled “We Cubans, for the salvation of Cuba” was presented, signed by the “first 318 brave ones,” as they were called by Uruguayan National Party deputy Martín Elgue, a founding member of FHL.

The strike, which for now consists of “not cooperating in the least with the regime” and “taking to the streets at every opportunity and place we can to demand our freedom,” is already underway, as several activists and ordinary citizens from Cuba said in videos shown during the event held in Miami.

According to the letter, this is the first phase before proceeding, “when the conditions are right, to the great general strike” in Cuba.

The 318 people who signed the letter, among them several political prisoners currently imprisoned such as Mitsael Díaz Paseiro or former prisoners such as Keissel Rodríguez, have been joined later by others until there are more than 500, who for now support the strike, according to the organizers of the event.

Orlando Gutiérrez of the Assembly of Cuban Resistance (ARC), which includes organizations inside and outside the island, announced various measures to support Miami’s “national strike.”

Among them, to go to international bodies such as the European Parliament to report on this civic protest on the island and also to organize demonstrations against companies belonging to figures of the “regime” that “profit” from the separation of Cuban families and the “misery” in which those who remain in Cuba live.

“We are all in this together because we are all Cubans. Enough,” said Sylvia Iriondo, of M.A.R. for Cuba, at the same event.

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