Three children arrested during last year’s July 11 protests in Cuba remain imprisoned

The communist Castro dictatorship has extended the prison time for three children who have been imprisoned since the July 11 protests last year. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Prison time extended for three minors who participated in the July 11 protests

Three children who participated in the July 11 protests in Cardenas, Matanzas will remain “in custody” of the Ministry of the Interior, according to a Twitter post by Justice 11J activist Salome Garcia Bacallao.

Eric Yoangel Hector Plaza, 14, Michael Miranda Vega, 13, and Yenson Rizos Cabrera who is 14, are being held at the Comprehensive Reform School in the province of Matanzas and may have to serve an additional six-months in prison.

“He may be done by next month. That’s what they’ve told me,” said Eric Yoangel Hector Plaza’s mother, Yadaris Plaza Moreno, to Radio Television Martí. She complained of the contradictory information she has been receiving from authorities at the correctional facility.

“They still haven’t given me any documentation. All I can do is wait for Havana to send the documents so he can be released. They also warned that perhaps he will have to finish the 9th grade, which he is in the process of taking there, which means he won’t get out until November. I don’t know, I just have to wait,” she explained.

Authorities accused Hector Plaza and Miranda Vega of throwing rocks at the Julio Aristegui Villamil Hospital in Cardenas although witnesses say the children were not involved.

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