Nearly 5,000 dengue cases in Cuba in just the past week

Dengue, a mosquito-born viral disease, is spreading across Cuba like wildfire.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

The Cuban regime is reporting that in the third week of July there were 4,776 dengue cases reported throughout the country. This is the highest number of cases reported during the first trimester of the reporting year.

The number was revealed on Thursday during a senior staff meeting of the Cuban dictatorship where authorities from the Ministry of Public Health were also present.

Sector minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda said that in the third week of July, there were 23,758 non-specific febrile cases and 10,590 SUMA IgM samples were processed for dengue diagnosis. The tests indicated a positivity rate of 45.1%, for a total of 4,776 reactive cases.

Communist Cuba, the “medical power” lauded by a famous documentary filmmaker and praised by a U.S. Senator and presidential candidate, is being overrun by dengue. This is socialism in action.

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