Images of privilege: No pain, no hunger, no deprivations for Cuba’s ruling class

Manuel Marrero, Jr. (right), his partner, and his new business

From our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice

Some animals are more equal than others in socialist Cuba. Those who run the vast monopoly of Castro, Inc. live well, eat well, and are also showered with many other privileges.

Among those privileges one of the best is the ability to start your own business and to run it without interference from Castro, Inc., and without costly licenses or exorbitant taxes that leave you with little profit.

For a prime example, see the photo above. Manuel Marrero, Jr., son of Castrogonia’s Prime Minister, has been given permission to open his own boutique resort. He and his partner look very happy about this and also very proud of their special status.. Nothing new here. Manuelito has been flaunting his privileges for quite a while.

Then take a look at the photo below, taken at a fiesta for military bigwigs and their families. No shortages here, comrades. Abundancia! Pa’l carajo con el pueblo común. To hell with common people.

Commoners, eat your hearts out!

Then watch this short video below, taken at a Cuban hospital a few days ago. You can rest assured that none of the folks in the photos above have never set foot in this hospital or any others like it. They have their own hospitals, which never have to deal with power outages, lack of medicines, or thick layers of filth.

2 thoughts on “Images of privilege: No pain, no hunger, no deprivations for Cuba’s ruling class”

  1. There’s a reason why Cuba’s ruling class has no shame whatsoever: it CANNOT–it would be too disruptive.

    Someone like this useless parasite is completely oblivious to Cuba’s reality. It has nothing to do with his life. It’s not just that he’s indifferent to it, but that he feels totally entitled to a dramatically superior one. And this isn’t even a member of the Castro family, so OF COURSE those who are will do the same or worse.

  2. And to think so many Cubans were persecuted, abused and victimized for being homosexual, for which there has been ZERO justice, while these lovebirds enjoy their luxurious life just because of their position.

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