Two arrests after pro-Castro dictatorship marchers clash with Cuban exile counter protesters in Miami

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The confrontation between the pro-Castro organization “Bridges of Love” and anti-communist Cuban exiles was relatively peaceful, until the Castro supporters unfurled the Cuban Communist Party’s July 26 flag. Then all hell broke loose.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Confrontation between police and Cuban exiles counter protesting a pro-Castro march in Miami

Cuban exiles in Miami gathered this Sunday in the city of Coral Gables to protest a march in that city carried out by the pro-Castro group Bridges of Love calling for the end of the embargo.

Both groups clashed on the street in front of 901 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, where a July 26 flag was burned and triggered a confrontation between anti-Castro activists and police.

Reports on social media show that followers of Brides of Love, led by Carlos Lazo, showed up with signs calling on President Joe Biden to end U.S. economic sanctions against the regime in Havana.

The Cuban exile counter protesters demanded the release of Cuban political prisoners and condemned oppression against those who dissent. Yells of “Patria y Vida” could be heard coming from the group as well accusations the organization has links to the regime and is seeking to enrich those in Cuba who are in power.

The anti-Castro protesters described the July 26 Movement flag that was burned as a symbol of oppression in Cuba and that it belongs to a “terrorist” movement. This was the moment caught on videos shared on social media by protesters.

This was the moment police intervened in attempt to maintain the calm between both groups of protesters.

Some, such as activist Danaisy Serrano, described the response by police as “abusive.” At least two people were arrested during the incident.

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  1. Deeply disgusting, but that was the idea, as this was no doubt a deliberate provocation. The problem is that, insofar as any sort of Cubans were behind it, it is not only disgusting but a cause for shame, for all of us.

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