Looming blackouts in Havana a reminder of the failure of communism in Cuba

With its crumbling buildings and collapsing infrastructure, Havana today is only a shell of what was once a beautiful modern and prosperous metropolis. Proof once again that everything communism touches, it destroys.

David Kelly in The New American:

Communism’s Failure Darkens Havana

Beginning this week, the Cuban capital of Havana will join the rest of the island nation in planned electricity blackouts as the country’s energy crisis worsens, state media reported on Saturday.

The capital, home to a fifth of the nation’s population of 11.2 million and the center of economic activity in Cuba, had been spared the daily power outages of four or more hours that the rest of the island has endured for months.

The blackouts reflect a deepening economic crisis that intensified with harsh new U.S. sanctions on the island and worsened with the pandemic, which devastated tourism. Blackouts sparked a few small local protests this summer, and a year ago in July fueled a day of unprecedented unrest across the country.

In June, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed the island’s economic problems on U.S. government sanctions, said the protests were the result of a subversion campaign directed from abroad, and called the loyal to take back the streets from protesters. “We are convoking all the country’s revolutionaries, all the communists, to go into the streets, to all the places where they might replicate these provocations,” he said. “The order to combat has been given.”

Government supporters carrying bats alongside police began to break up the protests. Hundreds of Cubans were arrested — some for clashing with officials, others for merely filming the turmoil with their phones.

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2 thoughts on “Looming blackouts in Havana a reminder of the failure of communism in Cuba”

  1. Oh, but it’s still very quaint and picturesque and great as a backdrop for music videos. Besides, no matter how bad it is or gets, as long as the usual suspects don’t mind–and they don’t–it does NOT matter.

    Basically, Cuba, or more precisely its “revolution,” is a leftist fantasy (for those who can get their jollies off it without enduring it), so it remains a beloved illusion. The reality of it is irrelevant and treated as such.

  2. And even if the dictatorship fell tomorrow, whos going to pay for all the destruction, all the neglect, all the degeneracy and decomposition? Don’t ask, because it won’t be those responsible for it.

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