Anti-Socialist Images of the Day: Cuba’s Tropical Brewery, 1957

Workers of the world, unite, you have only misery to embrace in exchange for prosperity

From our Bureau of Lethal Nostalgia

Castro, Inc. killed Cuba’s superb breweries: Tropical, Hatuey, Polar, Cristal. In 1958 they brewed 30 million gallons of beer for Cuba’s 6 million people (let’s subtract children, grandmothers, and spinster aunts, and that’s 30 million gallons for about 3 million Cubans).

Above is a photo from a 1957 banquet for the employees of the Tropical brewery. Stare at this image for at least ten minutes. Meditate on everything you see — including racial diversity and conviviality — and add the following information to your meditation: The employees were appreciated, treated with respect and dignity, and they could consume whatever they wanted without paying anything. In addition, they were given free soft drinks, malts and cases of beer to bring home to their families.

Then came the socialist/communist worker’s paradise . . . and you know the rest . . .

The brewery also had one of the most beautiful gardens in Havana. The beer and gardens have been resurrected in Miami. The Polar brewery also had beautiful gardens, which are now abandoned and full of ruins.

For more on Cuba’s breweries B.C. (Before Castro) go HERE. The text is in Spanish, but the site also contains many beautiful images of advertisements. And if you want to read more about B.C. breweries, go HERE

ad for the locals
ad for tourists
Hey, stop it. STOP IT! This is hate speech! And hate images too! Visual violence! Damn Marxophobes! Leftophobes! Neo-Nazi extremists! You make us feel unsafe!

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  1. It is SO clear now that Cubans did NOT appreciate what they had and, essentially, killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. Yes, they were deliberately deceived, and they had no idea what they were getting into or what a monster they were embracing as their savior, but they were at best very, VERY stupid.

    • Communist are like the devil. They are evil, cruel and great liars. One thing they are not is stupid Cuban’s were outsmarted by the devil. The ,million dollar question is why were they so easily deceived? What made them so vulnerable to the lies of Lucifer? Cubans are everyone from Fidel down to the poor fellow rotting away in a Cuban prison.

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