Cuban mothers and their children block road into Havana in protest, demand meeting with Diaz-Canel

The situation in communist Cuba has gotten so desperate and dire, you now have mothers protesting with their small children.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuban mothers protest with their children on the Havana Highway

Cuban mothers with their children protested on Tuesday on one of the highways leading into Havana, blocking traffic and demanding a meeting with the president, Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“They shut down the highway at Havana’s first ring road and are demanding a meeting with Diaz-Canel. Attention Castro and Canel! There are many children there, do not oppress them,” said democracy activist and Cuba Decide founder Rosa Maria Paya on social media.

In a video making the rounds on social media, more than a dozen mothers and their children, some just babies being carried in their arms, can be seen protesting and blocking several tourist taxis and government delivery trucks on the highway using a human chain. The protesters demanded to “see Diaz-Canel,” the president of the Cuban regime.

“It’s blowing up in Havana!” one of the bystanders at the protest can be heard saying as he drove past the area and took video of what was taking place. Highway A2, which is also known as the First Ring of Havana, is a road that connects the Cuban capital with almost all the other highways in Cuba.

According to journalist Mario J. Penton, the protesters were “a group of people supposedly living in housing provided by the Cuban regime.”

“It’s a very explosive situation in Cuba right now due to the hunger, the repression, the misery, and the lack of electricity,” said the reporter with America Noticias on channel 41 in Miami. Penton added that he was told police had arrived at the area of the protest.

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