Mexico’s AMLO pays the Cuban dictatorship over $1 million a month for slave labor

With the help of Mexico’s socialist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the communist Castro regime continues to operate its modern-day slave trade with nary a word uttered by the civilized world.

Via The Yucatan Times:

AMLO pays one million euros per month to the Díaz-Canel dictatorship for the presence of Cuban doctors in Mexico

According to the collaboration agreement between the two governments – made known by the journalist Lourdes Mendoza – the IMSS had to deposit 50% of the amount of the first monthly payment as an advance to guarantee Cuban health personnel the minimum conditions for their stay.

Since last May 9, when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced that around 500 Cuban doctors would arrive in Mexico to alleviate the existing “deficit” of Mexican doctors and who would be taken to the most remote communities from the country where there is no medical care. A strong controversy has been generated by the conditions in which the doctors from the Caribbean island would come.

The journalist Lourdes Mendoza, in her column published in El Financiero, revealed that she had a copy of the agreement between the government of AMLO and that of Miguel Díaz-Canel in which the AMLO administration agrees to pay the Cuban Medical Services Marketer S.A, one million euros per month for the “services” of the doctors of that country in Mexico.

According to the journalist, a total of 610 male and female doctors will cover part of the 5,329 medical vacancies that were not claimed by Mexican health professionals in highly marginalized areas of the national territory.

The agreement, in its eighth clause that refers to the amount of the consideration, states that, “as part of the cooperation, the IMSS will grant as consideration to the CSMC, SA, a monthly amount of up to 1,177,300.00 (one million one hundred seventy-seven thousand three hundred 00/100 euros) calculated at the fixed exchange rate of 20.7 pesos for each euro, which corresponds to the effective participation of up to 600 health professionals.

The communicator specified that the payments will be made to an account of CSMC, SA, by means of a bank transfer to an account of Banco Internacional de Comercio, SA, with address at Inmobiliaria Monte Barreto, Jerusalem building, ground floor, 3rd avenue, e/ 78 and 80, Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba.

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