12 vessels carrying 108 Cuban migrants reach Florida in the past two days, all arrested

two of the twelve vessels that reached Florida

From our Weaponized Migration Bureau, with some assistance from our Bureau of Rats on Sinking Ships Who Flee in Rustic Vessels

An ever-increasing number of Cubans are fleeing their hellhole of a country by sea. Their numbers can be considered an index of desperation at all levels on the island.

The rafters flee even though the U.S. will send them back. The authorities don’t even seem to be trying to stop them.

Some are also fleeing to Mexico. In a related story three severely dehydrated Cubans were rescued from certain death by the Mexican navy.

One of the 12 vessels that reached Florida. This one was carrying 25 Cubans

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The United States Border Patrol reported this Friday that, during the last two days, a total of 108 Cuban rafters have arrived in Florida.

According to the report issued by agent Walter N. Slosar, this extensive group of Cuban rafters is divided into 12 different landings that occurred in the vicinity of the Florida Keys.

Likewise, it transpired that agents from the Miami sector, in collaboration with other security agencies of the United States, were in charge of carrying out these operations.

“During the past two days, Miami Sector Border Patrol agents, along with law enforcement partners, responded to 12 different immigrant landings in the Florida Keys and arrested 108 Cuban immigrants,” he said. Slosar.

It should be noted that, until now, the authorities have not specified whether these Cuban rafters included women or minors. Similarly, they did not specify whether any person was injured or sick after these situations.

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