Cuba’s healthcare system ‘in tatters’ and its Covid statistics are lies, says UK publication that has always praised it

Castro Inc.’s “famed” healthcare system

From our Bureau of Shocking Revelations That Can Only Shock Gullible Condescending Fools Who Have Willfully and Steadfastly Refused to Accept the Truth for Six Decades

“The Economist,” one of the world’s most revered publications, has always had a typically British condescending perspective on the Cuban dictatorship, praising its “achievements” — especially its healthcare — while overlooking the obvious cruelty that makes those highly questionable “achievements” possible .

“Not too bad for bloody savages. Quite impressive. Surprising, even. The whole thing reeks of ordure by our standards, but, by God, they’re actually performing above their natural capabilities.”” Or something like that.

For the first time ever, however, “The Economist” is bemoaning the collapse of Castro, Inc.’s healthcare system and lambasting its blatant falsification of Covid statistics, going as far as to say that “”Covid-19 has damaged the reputation of Cuban health care” and that “the country’s once-famed health system is in tatters.”

Unjustly “famed”, one might add, because of publications like “The Economist” which have such low expectations for third world savages that they have eagerly believed all the lies told by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth.

Until today, anyway. Like Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus, “The Economist” has been knocked off its high horse and undergone a conversion experience. Let John Suarez at The Center for a Free Cuba tell you about this blinding moment of truth that has so shocked the stiff-upper-lip masters of understatement at “The Economist”.

Once again, it has been discovered that the regime in Cuba substantially under-counted deaths during a disease outbreak that killed huge numbers of Cubans. This has been the case in the past with dengue, cholera, and now with COVID-19.

Two numbers stand out: 354 and 550. In the United States, which had well publicized challenges and failures during COVID-19, excess deaths were 354/100,000. While Cuba, which was touted as a success story, had a worse outcome with 550/100,000 excess deaths.

Our World In Data is a project of the Global Change Data Lab, whose “mission is to publish the ‘research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems.’” They have published an interactive map from The Economist, current through Jul 26, 2022 titled “Estimated cumulative excess deaths per 100,000 people during COVID.” There is a screen grab above, but when you go to the website and hover over a country the data is provided, and you can see the numbers for yourself.

This blog over the past year repeatedly highlighted questionable practices by Havana and called them out. CFC’s executive director had a letter to the editor published in The Washington Post on April 5, 2021 countering news coverage that repeated claims made by Havana with the fact that the Cuban government had repeatedly covered up or downplayed past epidemics, and in all likelihood was doing it again.

Left out of The Economist report is the damning evidence that Cuban government officials decided early on that they wanted to be “be the first country in the world to vaccinate their whole population with their own vaccines,” and were willing to let Cubans die while they developed their domestic vaccines instead of importing them, including from their allies Russia and China in order to advance their “healthcare superpower” narrative.

In its article The Economist repeats the same tropes about Cuban healthcare, but the COVID data leads them to conclude that Cuba’s healthcare system “is in tatters” and that “It is possible that officials under reported the deaths, too.”

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  1. The collapse of the medical system is too flagrant to cover up or “overlook” now. It is made worse, of course, by the fact that the available funds are being channeled to keeping the regime in power, which is and will remain the top priority. The dictatorship, aka the “revolution,” does NOT care about “the people.”

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