Cuban migrant boat capsizes near Florida Keys: 2 drown, 5 missing, 8 rescued

Two Coast Guard rescue boats and an airplane search for missing rafters 5 August 2022

From our Bureau of Small Overloaded Sinking Ships Fleeing From Larger Sinking Ships with some assistance from our Bureau of Weaponized Migration

They keep trying. And they keep dying or being sent back to the hell from which they were hoping to escape.

And, in the rare chance that they end up being allowed to stay in the U.S., they will work hard so they can send money to their families or travel there as Yo-Yo’s, back and forth, bearing gifts (in essence, sustaining Castro, Inc.).

This phenomenon defies reason. But, then, Castrogonia defies reason. It’s black magical realism, downright demonic.

And if you’re wondering why so many of these attempts fail or end disastrously, take a look at the recent photo below. Incredible . . . and totally irrational, really. . . The boat that capsized yesterday was probably just as rickety and overloaded.

Recently intercepted Cuban migrants, August 2022

Loosely translated from Cuba Net

Two Cuban rafters died, five are still missing and eight were rescued this Friday in the Straits of Florida, the United States Coast Guard said in a statement.

The Cubans were traveling in a rustic boat that capsized approximately 14 miles south of Sugarloaf Key. The 15 Cuban rafters left the island with the aim of reaching American shores.

According to the information, of the eight rescued survivors, six were transferred to emergency medical services for a medical evaluation, and two people (who had no health problems), were left in a Coast Guard vessel.

For their part, the bodies of the two drowned people were rescued by officers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The bodies were taken to the local medical examiner’s office, the note reads.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives off the Lower Keys. Our search continues to find others who may have survived this tragic incident,” said Rear Admiral Brendan McPherson, commander of the 7th Coast Guard District.

“This situation highlights the risks these migrants face when attempting to enter the United States illegally by sea,” he added.

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