Health of Cuban dissident artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara continues to deteriorate in windowless isolation cell

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Never let it be said that Castro, Inc. doesn’t know how to crush dissent or that it lacks imagination when it comes to torturing dissidents.

And never let it be said that it gives a hoot about organizations such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, both of which have called for the freeing of Luis Manuel and other imprisoned artists from the San Isidro movement.

Castro, Inc. has gotten away scot-free with its murdering, torturing, and imprisoning for 63 years, seven months and six days. Even worse, it has earned international praise for its “accomplishments”. So, why should it change its behavior now?

Maximum security prison of Guanajay

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The leader of the San Isidro Movement, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, is locked in a windowless isolation cell in the maximum security prison of Guanajay.

Through a statement, the San Isidro Movement expressed its concern about the situation of the political prisoner who is a victim of physical and psychological violence inside the prison.

His family visited him this week and learned that Otero Alcántara was the victim of an attack by a common prisoner and “that, after that event, Guanajay officials have continued to place him at risk.”

In addition, according to the statement, the artist has been prevented from having access to letters from friends such as Katherine Bisquet, Coco Fusco or Anamely Ramos and prison guards have “seized” his drawing materials for days.

The organization recalled the poor state of health of the activist who has carried out three hunger strikes demanding his release. “Luis continues to have cramps in his hands and feet, and has not received medical attention or diagnosis in this regard,” the communication stressed.

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  1. The regime doesn’t give a hoot because it doesn’t have to, same as with the slave health workers. It has always been VERY aware of how far it can go, and by now it’s an expert judge of that. Same old shit.

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