Huge explosion at Cuban port of Matanzas, many injured, fire rages out of control

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This story keeps developing, so many facts are sketchy. But there is no denying that an enormous explosion rocked the industrial zone of the port of Matanzas and there are at least 49 injured, some in critical condition. In addition, 17 fire fighters are missing.

Castronoid authorities apparently immune to toxic fumes

Here are some of the other details being reported.

The explosion has been blamed on a lightning bolt that hit a supertanker in an area without lightning rods.

The tanker was delivering oil to a power station. And the fire has spread to other structures, including oil storage tanks.

Another report (below) reveals that the fire is still out of control, contrary to the Ministry of Truth;s claim that the fire had been extinguished. And smoke from the fire has now reached Havana, 65 miles to the west. Toxic fumes spewed by this raging inferno have led to massive evacuations.

So, disaster piles up on disaster: Fuel burning out of control during a fuel shortage, power shortage, and water shortage.

Satellite photo of smoke stretching west from Matanzas
Some of the injured workers

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

This Saturday morning, the fire that occurred in the industrial zone of Matanzas continues after the impact of lightning on a fuel tank.

Audiovisual reports on social networks show the large cloud of black smoke generated by the fire, which is covering the main city.

Local residents presume that the flames from the fire have spread to other fuel depots, which has made the situation resulting from the explosions even more complex; however, this information has not been confirmed.

Castro journalist Karel Ricardo Roque said that the large-scale fire originated at the supertanker base in the city of Matanzas and started at approximately 7:00 at night and official sources say that three tanks containing national crude oil exploded.

The reports issued this Saturday morning expose the lie of the Castro propaganda apparatus Cubadebate, which a few hours after the fire broke out, claimed that the fire had already been put out.

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