Hundreds of Cubans stage public protest over power blackouts in Cienfuegos

Protest at well-illuminated Communist Party headquarters in Cienfuegos

From our Restless Natives Bureau with some assistance from Calixto Quilojúa, our resident expert on the dangers of electricity and other such subjects

The natives are restless, yes. And despite the long prison sentences doled out to July 11 protesters, many Cubans seem to be losing their fear of reprisals by Castro, Inc.

This demonstration in Cienfuegos is only one of many that have taken place all over the island in the past week. But it is probably the largest and most impressive.

Watch out, Castro, Inc. Remember what Calixto Quilojúa‘s grandfather said to little kids in the 1950’s also applies to you in the here and now. This could be the straw that breaks your back, or, to put it differently, this could be the failure that finally brings you down.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Hundreds of Cubans gathered on Friday in the José Martí park, in front of the Cienfuegos provincial government headquarters, to protest the prolonged power outages.

The peaceful protesters banged pots and pans and demanded a response from the authorities. The protest was peaceful, according to users of social networks and independent media.

In the Facebook profile of the Popular Power of Cienfuegos they also demanded an explanation for a blackout from eight in the morning until half past two in the afternoon and another cut at half past eight at night.

The Provincial Government of Cienfuegos had reported the same Friday that new measures would be taken to increase energy savings to reduce 50% of the consumption of each electrical service in August.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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