Shocking! Apartheid hotel for Cubans is filthy, lacks food and amenities, and has rude staff

Cuba for Cubans

From our Annals of Socialist Apartheid Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and Equity

For many years, Canadian and European tourists have been describing how their Cuban “dream holiday” turned into a nightmare. In all these cases, the main issue has been that they’ve had to endure the same indignities as Cubans.

In other words, some foreigners occasionally fall outside of Castro, Inc.’s apartheid bubble.

Due to that apartheid, which is the foundation upon which Castro, Inc.’s tourist industry is built, Cubans who seek to have their own “dream holiday” run a much greater risk of experiencing a nightmare. Hotels which don’t cater to foreigners — that is, hotels that are for Cubans only — are as nightmarish as one can imagine, maybe even worse than that.

Allow one Cuban to tell you about her experience of being a Cuban in search of a “dream holiday.”

Pool for Cubans

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Aidelen Blanco Valcárcel, a Cuban woman, criticized this Thursday the conditions of the Grand Memories Varadero hotel, which she assured looks like a campground, and denounced having been scammed because the price does not correspond to the quality of the service.

“I just returned from the Grand Memories Varadero hotel, after spending a lot of time collecting money to enjoy a vacation (…), I return today with the worst possible disappointment,” Blanco Valcárcel said in a publication he shared in the group of Facebook “No! So cheap”.

“They didn’t have enough towels, the bathroom of one of them didn’t flush, you had to lift the lid of the toilet to flush. The minibars were dirty, full of ice, with open drinks, we asked for the missing towels but they never arrived, in the end we personally had to look for them in the lobby, ”she said.

She also described the horrors of one of the hotel’s swimming pools, which, in addition to having green water, was completely unusable and gave off a bad smell, a clear sign that it had not been cleaned for a long time.

“We went back to the lobby to make the claim and there we did not escape the queues, although it seems incredible there was a queue to complain, [because] we were not the only ones who were dissatisfied, there they tell us that they are very sorry, that we are right but that they were working on solutions, that as long as we used the other pool, it is worth saying that it was green just the same, but not in the same conditions as the other one”, Blanco Valcárcel pointed out.

The client pointed out that the food offers were scarce, that the rice was dirty, without washing or choosing and that cockroaches were even found on a table. She added that when she complained about this to a hotel worker, he jokingly asked her if the insect also had a handle.

Meanwhile, at the end of June, the activist Yanilys Sariego reported that a security guard had prohibited her from entering the food store of the Meliá Internacional hotel in Varadero because of her Cuban status.

Whole horror story HERE in Spanish (more photos)

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