Cuba fire update: Third oil storage tank collapses, firefighters still missing

Despite help from Venezuelan and Mexican firefighters, the fire in Matanzas keeps raging. Castro, Inc., as usual, is filtering all information from the disaster site, so piecing together what can be learned from various sources, the big news is that the third oil tank has exploded.

Other headlines:

Over 4,000 people have been evacuated

17 firefighters “disappeared”, only one corpse has been recovered. Castro, Inc. is not releasing any information on the missing men.

Pope Francis, a.k.a. Papa Che has given a blessing to all who are being affected by this fire.

From Periodico Cubano

The lid of a third tank exposed to the fire at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas has collapsed after the wind changed direction to the Northeast.

The information was confirmed by the official website of the Matanzas government, after a new explosion occurred in the areas surrounding the third fuel tank.

“The risk of it happening, as specified in the previous note, was never ruled out. The forces that worked in the place had been evacuated. The installation of a powerful pump will soon be completed to start spraying both tanks with chemical foam,” the authorities explained.

The fire, at the time of writing these lines, no longer behaves in the form of a column, but rather the wind has laid it horizontally, allowing the fire to spread to other parts of the base.

According to sources close to the incident consulted by Periódico Cubano, the Cuban government’s strategy consisted of preventing the third tank from exploding, consuming the fuel from the second tank and lowering the parameters; then enter to carry out search and rescue work.

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