Cuban dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas arrested again

From our Weapons of Mass Distraction Bureau

While the inferno in Matanzas keeps raging and the news media devote most of their attention to it, Castro, Inc. continues to carry on as usual, and this, of course, includes its constant persecution of dissidents.

So, while the fire gets all the attention, the venerable dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas is imprisoned somewhere. The arrest took place on Friday, and now –three days later — there is no word on his whereabouts. His crime? He intended to join a demonstration. Preventive harassment is completely legal in Castrogonia, where one can be arrested and imprisoned for “potential dangerousness.”

No one is paying attention, naturally. Let’s see what happens next.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas, was arrested at his home in Santa Clara by State Security agents to prevent him from going out to demonstrate and released at night.

Her daughter, Haissa Fariñas, told Radio Televisión Martí that the State Security agents knew in advance that her father intended to demonstrate this Friday and the order “was to prevent it.”

“Until now we do not know specifically where they have him arrested or rather the location of it,” said the opponent to this wording.

Alicia Hernández, Fariñas’s mother, told Radio Martí that her son was arrested when he was preparing to go out into the street in the morning. “When I looked out I saw the patrol, but well I saw him in passing, he was already inside (of the patrol),” she explained.

Mrs. Hernández assured that as soon as the agents see her son’s willingness to leave, “they immediately come for him.” “He does not resist any of that, there is no force or anything, they put the handcuffs on him and leave,” she explained.

She lamented that the authorities never inform her where he is transferred and that it is the opponent himself who, after being released, tells her in which police unit he was detained.

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