Cuban oil depot fire intensifies, inferno still out of control

From our Bureau of Socialist Disaster Management

Four days after a bolt of lightning started a fire at the Matanzas bay oil depot, the raging inferno keeps intensifying, spewing toxic smoke over a very wide area. Thousands have been evacuated and the city of Matanzas has been turned into a ghost town.

Meanwhile, fears about toxic rain and other environmental hazards hang over everyone under the colossal smoke cloud. Many of the injured are still hospitalized and the remains of missing firefighters who are presumed dead have yet to be found.

The only bit of potentially good news is that a firefighting ship from Mexico has arrived.

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Smoke over Matanzas

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Four tanks are currently affected by the fire, one of which was emptied before the flames reached it. (Collage: Irene Pérez-Cubadebate)

The fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base, which started last Friday, August 5, continues out of control and, unfortunately, its intensity has increased in recent hours.

“It has taken a greater magnitude, four tanks of 50,000 (cubic meters) each are already compromised,” said Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ávalos Jorge, Second Chief of the National Extinction Department of the Cuban Fire Department, at a press conference.

He explained that what happened “has been a chain reaction since the first tank burned and exploded at dawn on Saturday.” At this time, firefighters and other forces are focused on terminal 321, where the tanks for clear products (gasoline) are located, to prevent the flames from spreading further.

Ávalos Jorge indicated “it is impossible to make an exact calculation of how long the work will take. It can take days.” He specified that “the fire is developing in a very complicated situation, taking into account the high temperatures and the air that has hit us a lot, since it favors it and develops it in a superior way, and that has meant that we cannot do more. actions with better results.

On the other hand, the lieutenant colonel said that the ‘Antonio Guiteras’ Thermoelectric Power Plant “is not in danger from the fire.” “We are taking, in any case, all the measures, and for the moment there is no need to worry about that very important unit,” he added.

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3 thoughts on “Cuban oil depot fire intensifies, inferno still out of control”

  1. You mean a bolt of lightning that supposedly started the fire, and even if it did, that means appropriate preventive measures were not in place or not functional. There is virtually no doubt this disaster is due to very serious negligence, but as usual, those responsible will never be named, let alone held accountable.

    As for the missing, most or all of them may be young kids doing their obligatory “military service” who were drafted into firefighting duties, obviously without being professionals at it. One such case has already been identified and, tragically, he died.

  2. All tanks are grounded to prevent ignition via lightening. The most likely explanation is sabotage. Give that man a metal.

    This disaster will likely effect the elites with loss of gasoline and electricity.

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