Cuban apartheid update: No power blackouts or food shortages for tourists

Superior being posing with noble savages

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

While Cubans are being subjected to constant power blackouts and all other sorts of deprivations, tourists who flock to thei island for “dream holidays” experience zero discomforts.

Everything Cubans lack is abundant at apartheid hotels and resorts, says Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Tourism. This bold admission of discrimination on the part of Cuba’s dictatorship is the message being aimed at tourists.

No hint of shame expressed. “Come on down and enjoy yourselves. Never mind what you’ve been reading about shortages and exploding luxury hotels. You are superior beings. We are nothing but brute savages, and we will ply you with food, drink, and sex, wait on you hand and foot, even kiss your feet or lick your ass clean with our inferior tongues.”

“Viva el apartheid! Come on down. Enjoy our luxury resorts. This is what our glorious eternal “Revolution” is all about.”

No blackouts for you, ever, at the 5-star Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski . . . and no explosions, either (fingers crossed)

Loosely translated from Cuba Net

In the midst of constant blackouts, shortages, housing and transportation crises, the Cuban government announces that Cuba is ready “to provide tourism with a quality service this summer.”

As reported by the Cuban News Agency (ACN), during a meeting of deputies at the Havana Convention Center it was reported that the hotel facilities are ready and that “although COVID-19 had a negative impact on the tourism sector in the country, a gradual recovery of its markets is manifested, with high and achievable goals”.

According to a document presented to the parliamentarians, during the year 1,049 rooms have been recovered in the sector, of the 5,617 planned until December and there was progress in the airports, especially with the investment in Cayo Largo del Sur, in Isla de la Juventud , where a runway was inaugurated at the Vilo Acuña international airport.

The report highlighted the daily control that exists by the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) to guarantee the tourist operation and the fact that all the facilities have a sanitary license and Tourism + Hygienic and Safe certification.

“Cuba is a safe tourist destination, characterized by citizen tranquility, culture, sovereignty and quality,” the authorities stated, exposing a totally opposite reality for tourists to that experienced by Cubans.

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  1. Forgive me if I sound woke, but that top photo positively screams WHITE PRIVILEGE. But of course, it does not matter, because it’s all about the context, you see. Same as for crass racist stereotypes.

  2. Those who are woke believe they ARE superior and also that they deserve privileges. By definition leftist are superior and have been declared by the god of the left. (Lucifer) that they deserve to be financially supported by rich but inferior capitalist. They are religious zealots and believe in Patria o Muerte. Which means support us or die. The same thing is happening in the USA.

    Those on the right who worship God (Yahweh / Jesus) believe they are sinners needing mercy and repentance. We do not judge others nor wish them harm. On the contrary we try to help them. We seek truth and as such can see what is happening in the world. We will try to help those on the left but if they refuse our advise then we will suffer along with them when they do really stupid things. This is why the good people in Cuba are made to suffer. It is all good. Soon you will be dead and me with you.

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