Cubans stage protest against blackouts in Holguín for second night in a row

From our Bureau of Restless Natives with some help from our Socialist Light and Power Bureau

Residents of Holguín have hit the streets again, banging on pots and pans, hurling insults at the authorities of the Castro dictatorship.

This is only one of several such outbreaks of discontent taking place throughout the island, including Mayabeque and Cienfuegos

Public displays of restlessness this intense have been extremely rare in Castrogonia until recently. Perhaps it’s time for Castro, Inc. to meditate on Reddy Kilowatt’s warning. As Reddy’s grandson Calixto Quilojuá has been saying for a few days: his grandfather’s “electricity can kill you” message applies as much to dictatorships as to little children.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

For the second consecutive night, Cubans fed up with the blackouts went out to protest in Holguín to the beat of pots and pans, conga rhythm and singing again “put the current on, pinga”, while in the La Esperanza neighborhood of Cienfuegos other people joined the peaceful demonstrations amidst the darkness of power outages.

“#BREAKING in #Holguín: the people are in the streets for the second night in a row. The Cuban dictatorship lost the youth, the people and the street. #CubaPaLaCalleYA,” journalist Daniel Benítez wrote on his Twitter account where he shared a video of what happened.

For his part, the América Tevé reporter Mario J. Pentón reported another protest in the La Esperanza neighborhood, in Cienfuegos, where Cubans took to the streets on Tuesday. “All of #Cuba is fed up with blackouts, misery and lack of freedoms,” he said.

“Turn on the power, pinga [dick],” they yell at the assembled crowd. “La Esperanza is bubbling over,” says the person who recorded.

“You don’t know, or perhaps you do, the great emotion that a Cuban feels when he hears cacerolazos near his house and goes out to join in shouting for a just Cuba. You know that you run a great risk and that the consequences can be very great, But at that moment, the only thing that matters to you is screaming, letting off steam, that your vocal cords tremble with each free Cuba!” she wrote.

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