Strange time to order a raid

According to some pundits, President Biden concluded a great week, from a jobs report to lower gas prices and some new legislation.  They were also proclaiming that the red wave may be smaller than expected.   

So what do you do in the early days of Joe’s “comeback”?  You raid President Trump’s home?  You order a raid just hours after signing a law that will add 87,000 IRS agents to look for tax cheats?  How many Uber drivers or small business owners had FBI nightmares last night?

The FBI had better find what they are looking for.  Otherwise, this may be the biggest blunder since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s sadly empty vault. It may totally backfire on the Trump haters.  This is from TIPP Insights:    

Where does the political persecution of Trump stop?

The Democrats are afraid of the rise of Trump. They are in the endless pursuit to legally stop Trump from running for the nation’s highest office in 2024. Having failed in their efforts to impeach him, they constituted the J6 select committee probe. And now, they have launched legal actions in multiple theaters, one in New York, the second in Georgia, and the third in D.C., hoping something would stick.

The nation’s law enforcement agencies under the Biden administration have set a remarkable course that, if not corrected, will undoubtedly lead to the country becoming a banana republic. Americans were stunned by the FBI’s treatment of Peter Navarro, who served as a top presidential advisor to Trump. The raid on Mar-A-Lago outdoes shackling Navarro with leg irons. It is no wonder Americans lack confidence in the DOJ and the FBI.

Who thought that raiding President Trump’s home was a good idea in such a polarized country?  It’s one thing to raid a narco’s estate or a mafia leader or a criminal on the run.   

My guess is that a decision of this type was made very close to the Oval Office if not President Biden himself.  It’s hard to believe that a local FBI office would take such a risk over documents that may or may not be found.

What happens if AG Merrick Garland swings and misses?  What if the documents are not there or don’t rise to the level of criminality that calls for an FBI raid?  Maybe Garland can watch the aforementioned Geraldo Rivera show.

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1 thought on “Strange time to order a raid”

  1. No problem. Plant things.
    Then it is his word against the FBI’s.

    And then there’s all of those other investigations of Trump. As Rush always said, it is not the truth of the allegations that matter, only the seriousness of the accusations. See? Trump must be guilty..

    Then declare a national emergency and make unsolicited mail in ballots mandatory. Then use the thrown out ballots, because people want to vote in person, to make up votes, use mules and lock boxes to make up more votes, stop the vote count to find out how many you need to win and do not allow the opposition party to watch the vote count. Use the media to 24/7 make it unseemly to say there was fraud. Have another Pat Toomey and some others declare there is no evidence of widespread fraud .
    Then steal the elections in November and rule forever and the lefty voters will feel justified and remain oblivious and celebrate. After all didn’t they buy out all of Hillary’s too too funny what about my email hats?
    It’s a cinch when you have no scruples.

    Then we are full out Cuba.

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